Who we are

Who We Are

Heartbit began its way as a side project somewhere at the end of 2014.

We have been working in IT for several years and has used a few monitoring solutions over the years but nothing fit the bill, so a basic monitoring solution has began its way for personal usage.

At early 2015, an idea to make a product has began to form, meanwhile a colleague has been searching for a monitoring solution, after some brainstorming and heavy lifting he became the first pilot customer.

First cameĀ a practical proof-of-concept with very minimal GUI.

Over time, Heartbit UX/UI has changed entirely and has began a complete rewrite to improve its core.

Market research has shown how different Heartbit is from various solutions available in the market, and how Heartbit’s new approach to monitoring will ease and simplify customers usage.


We are a young & ambiguous company, looking to prove the world how easier IT can be.

We look forward to having you onboard, give us a call, or an email.

You will not regret it, we promise !