Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Heartbit revolutionize the way IT monitoring works.

Classic monitoring solutions requires you to manually install agents on each and every monitored server, each of those agents then needs to be configured and each metric is selected separately.

Pricing is based per metric, whereas many metrics per server are very expensive.

Heartbit offers a complete pre-defined package of metrics for each server based on its role. There is no more specific configurations, figuring out what is required and what can be spared, no more expensive payouts.

Heartbit also goes the extra mile and offers windows domain environment deployment tool which allows easy automatic installation of agents throughout the organization.

All this simplicity is combined into a comfortable informative dashboards which allows at-a-glance view of your infrastructure status.

Heartbit is a young innovative company which strives to comfort IT monitoring. We are deeply involved with our customers to adjust and apply the best solution and always ready to return and improve upon specific need for a new feature or function.

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