As IT experts we understand your privacy and security importance.

All of Heartbit communications outside of the organization are securely transmitted via industry standard SSL/TLS protocols.

We value your privacy and will not read and the information which does not directly concerns your monitoring needs.

Monitored items will be fetched at a predefined interval custom to each item as needed, thus some items will take longer to update then others.


Remote control

Remote control might be possible in future versions but is currently disabled for security reasons.

If this bothers you please let us know.



Some peripherals are monitored using SNMP.

Currently HB uses SNMPv2 but only connects to internal LAN devices.

All gathered information is transmitted outside via SSL/TLS.

SNMPv3 will be supported on future versions, if the usage of SNMPv2 bothers you, please let us know.



Heartbit is perfectly safe to install and use, it only reads vital server and peripherals metrics.
Heartbit does not access or alter anything besides itself.

HB has been tested on various platforms and viruustotal, you can view the results here.


Auto update

Over time new features and bug fixes will be released, to make sure your experience is hassle free automatic updates are embedded into HB agent.


If you have further questions or conserns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!