Does HeartBit provide virtual care or telehealth?

No, AI and human doctors at HeartBit do not provide services that can be regarded as medical practices, such as diagnosis, prescribing medications, diet and exercise, ordering and interpreting tests, or predicting prognosis. AI and doctors on HeartBit provide general information only. These should not be considered the final medical opinion or legally binding for the providers involved. We won't offer services for emergencies or other cases that require in-person care. This cannot be considered a doctor-patient relationship because you essentially communicate with doctors anonymously and with minimal personal information. Thus, HeartBit does not offer virtual care or telehealth. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call doctors or emergency services immediately. Reliance on any information AI or online doctors provide is solely at your own risk.

How do you prevent fake doctors from committing fraud?

HeartBit requires doctors to submit comprehensive personal information, licensure, and credentials for their expertise when they register on the platform. The detailed process includes, but is not limited to; KYC & document verification, video calls for face and information verification, and verification with the public registry (e.g., FSMB). With these, doctors on HeartBit are and shall be duly registered, licensed, and qualified to practice medicine, and/or to provide health care, and wellness services, in accordance with the applicable statute, with its regulations and guidelines, of the nation of his or her residence. We also conduct continuous evaluations with ratings and reporting as well. We may immediately suspend or delete malicious doctors who violate our policies or regulations of the jurisdiction of their residence.

How does HeartBit secure users’ data?

At HeartBit, we store the De-identified Health Information of users who are not doctors. This information is gathered in a safe and secure way, following a Safe Harbor manner. Specifically, we only store email addresses among Personally Identifiable Information, and users can easily create a new one if they wish. HeartBit has in place the necessary technical, operational, and physical measures to ensure the safekeeping of all data. HeartBit makes information accessible to its employees and partners only when strictly necessary, with confidentiality obligations where and when needed. Last but not least, we haven’t and won’t sell users data to others.

Why Bitcoin and Lightning Network?

For residents of countries with currencies that are constantly depreciating in value and heavily controlled by their governments, Bitcoin has already become the only and realistic refuge and alternative. And with the development of the Lightning Network, which serves as Bitcoin's payment network, it is now possible to send money or receive payments anywhere on the planet with internet access, at a cost and speed that is unparalleled by traditional methods. Moreover, fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, VND, PHP, and others have been linked to personal bank accounts, eliminating the need to convert them to and from Bitcoin. This enables HeartBit to make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and borderless.